Silver Waterfall, Love Waterfall & Heaven Gate


- Love Waterfall is a famous waterfall located in San Tu Ho commune, 16 km from the center of Sa Pa town. Here is also one of the starting points of the journey to conquer Fanxipan.

- To reach the falls, visitors must cross the green forest about 30 minutes . In March, the road leading to the falls becomes more beautiful thanks to the brilliant red of azaleas creating a captivating natural picture. After walking through the forest, visitors will reach " the Golden Stream " at the foot of the falls. From a distance, the waterfall appears like a winding cone on the green vegetation around. In legend, Love Waterfalls is the meeting place of a fairy and the woodcutter named O Quy Ho. However, it was impossible for the couple to reach each other. Finally, because of her lover, the fairy has turned into yellow feathered birds flying around the mountain, calling for 3 hours. If you are lucky enough to arrive on a foggy day, you can witness the beautiful scenery.

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